The Secret to an Extraordinary Fall Semester

I don't know about you, but I struggle with getting the motivation to pray. I think it boils down to two reasons for me. One, I like to do things that give me immediate results. Sometimes, we don't see an answer to our prayer for years or we don't feel God's presence when we pray. This can be discouraging. The other main reason that I struggle with getting motivated to pray is I can't seem to focus. Five minutes in (more like five seconds) and I'm already thinking about all of the things that I need to do that day.

Despite the difficulty of praying, I know that I need to press on and do it anyways. I know that if I want to be intimate with Jesus and grow in my faith then I have to pray. And the beautiful thing is, I never regret it when I do pray.

God is pushing me to pray more. The last couple nights, Emily and I have taken time to prayer walk the campus in preparation for this coming fall. Our goal is to do this every night until our fall kickoff service on August 23rd. 

I want to invite you to pray this summer and ask God to move in your heart and on our campus this fall. We believe that it's important to do this for two main reasons.

1. Prayer Is The Key To Breakthrough

In Mark 9, Jesus's disciples attempt to cast a demon out of a boy but are unable to do so. Then, Jesus comes in and casts it out in a moment. The disciples later pull Jesus aside and ask Him why they were unable to cast it out. Jesus tells them that their lack of prayer prohibited them from driving out the demon.

Mark 9:29 ESV- And he said to them, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.”

Jesus says that this kind of breakthrough is only possible through prayer. 

If we want to see UNI changed and heaven unleashed on earth, we need to pray. We need to pray for the situations and hardships that will come our way. We need to ask God to empower us to bring hope and healing to our friends. Prayer is the key to driving back the darkness and our greatest weapon in defeating the enemy.

2. Prayer Changes Our Hearts

The second reason we need to pray is prayer changes our hearts. Although we don't always see external results, prayer will always do a work in our own hearts. Every minute that we spend praying is time spent with Jesus. No moment in prayer is wasted time.

I'm excited to see what God might do in our hearts as we pray for our campus over the next month. What dark spaces of my heart will God invade? What sins might God reveal to me? What healing will God bring? What dreams will He download into my heart? What new passions will He give me?

We need to pray. Specifically, we need to pray for the fall so that our hearts will be ready. We need to be with Jesus. We need to give God room to work on us before we ever hope to bring hope and healing to our campus.

I urge you brothers and sisters, pray and, specifically, pray with us for this fall! Get with Jesus. What could God do with a group of people who have spent extravagant time with Him? What could He do with a group of people who are committed to changing the atmosphere of their community? How might God use us to change our campus and bring hope to our friends? 

Let's give God time during the remaining days of summer. Let's push back the darkness with our prayers.

With love,